Warranty and Service Agreement

We can truly say that we offer you the best warranty in the business, and to prove it we give it to you in writing, thus giving you the peace of mind that when you choose Global Refinishing, you are well taken
care of. And as always, we’re just a phone call or e-mail away.

Please Read Carefully

Preparation: Clean area and ceilings before our arrival this will reduce the chance of anything landing in the
coatings. Remove all loose Items prior to our arrival. This includes curtains, pictures, shower doors, mirrors,
appliances, tables, accessories or any rugs. If we remove or move any item it is a courtesy only and any
damages are the customer responsibility. If we assist you the customer and something is damaged in the
move we are not responsible.

Grout: When having tiles refinished naturally the tiles have to be in good shape. Sometimes the grout is
overlooked. The grout has to be in good shape as well. The glazing process will not fill missing grout or
cracks in the grout. Therefore, if in Doubt re-grout.

Stripping: Surfaces that have been painted or glazed before must pass tests for both proper adhesion with
the original substrate and compatibility with the new coating. Any old coating that fails these tests must be
removed with the use of a chemical paint stripper. This is referred to as Chemical Stripping. Removal of
this old coating will allow the new material to bond directly to the original substrate. If testing concludes that
a proper bond exists between the substrate and the old coating, that surface will be prepared for the new
coating. Wet and dry sanding is used to remove the outer most layer of the old coating to produce a flatter
smoother surface to spray the new finishing material upon. This is referred to as Mechanical Stripping. Both
processes will require an additional charge of $100.00 for bathtubs. The additional cost for other stripping
needs will depend on the size and type of project. 

Colors and Surface Textures: Our standard color is Pure White. Other colors require the mixing of pigments
so we cannot guarantee an absolute perfect match on any color as we all see colors differently. Colors and
Textures will vary from manufacturer so samples for Colors and surface textures shown at time of bid should
only be considered a guide. We strive to stay as close as we can to all samples shown but due to the
application process variations may in color or textures may occur. If you are not present to approve colors,
textures, or speckling, we are authorized to proceed without delay. Cost to change or reapply colors or
change textures due to lack of presence by customer will be a customer expense. Counter top resurfacing
is a sprayed-on liquid product that cures to a solid conforming to your existing surface.
Because each countertop is individually hand crafted, variations in color and texture are an inherent part of
the resurfacing process. Imperfections in the original counter may show through and cannot be avoided.
Any cost to fix is a customer expense.

Plumbing: We are not licensed plumbers. However, you authorize us to remove or loosen handles spouts,
drain covers, overflow covers, or other plumbing hardware including shower doors if we determine it is
necessary. In those cases YOU THE CUSTOMER will be responsible for returning those pieces to their
original position. Age or general decay of pipes or fixtures may make this impossible SO PLEASE CONSULT A
LICENSED PLUMBER for any areas of concern. Repair any leaks prior to our arrival. Any plumbing fixture
installed or reinstalled by us is a paid courtesy. We are not responsible for any plumbing related damages
under any circumstances.

Paint and Wallpaper: To protect the immediate area we must mask it. Masking Tape can pull up wallpaper or
paint. Please alert us to any areas of concern so we can be extra careful. However any damage caused by
masking or removing masking is the customer‘s responsibility.

Materials: Refinishing fumes are created during the process so we require that anyone concerned with any
sensitivity or possible reactions to harsh solvent paint like odors remain out of the immediate area during
and 24 hours after the Refinishing process. This includes any animals, fish, reptiles, birds or pets.

Scheduling & Access: Our business hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. To get your
deposit refunded or if you have Schedule changes they must be received in writing 3 Business days prior to
original appointment. Failure to do so will leave a workman idle and your deposit will be forfeited. If we are
detained by weather, shipping errors, illness, equipment failure, or job overruns, or circumstances beyond
our control we will notify you as soon as possible for rescheduling. No refunds for these conditions. We
are not responsible for any losses caused by these delays. Prior to our arrival arrange access to the
property. Water and electricity are necessary. Delays caused by the lack of access or no utilities present
leave a workman idle and your deposit will be forfeited

Terms: This is a service request contract. Payment is due and payable when the job is completed. Global
Refinishing Corp retains the Sole Final Legal ability to determine when a job is completed within the scope
of the refinishing process. Upon job completion Non-Payment will constitute a Criminal charge of THEFT OF
SERVICES. WE ACCEPT CASH and CHECKS. On the final day of the job, plan to be present to inspect the work
and area for cleanliness,and to render payment. Incidental repairs required to complete the refinishing
processes are authorized. Final payment acknowledges customers acceptance, inspection for Quality of
Workmanship and the surrounding area for cleanliness outside of masked areas.

Legal: Should a legal dispute arise it is mutually agreed by all parties that any settlement be limited to a
customer refund only or any monies due Global Refinishing. This document is our entire Agreement and
cannot be modified orally. Any Change must be in writing and signed and dated by all parties. If a legal issue
should arise Customer agrees to settle all issues through Mediation at the Court in the county seat where
the work is being performed.


Surface Conditioning: Please do not use surface for a full 24 Hours minimum. All newly refinished surfaces
will have surface dust, which will have settled into the new surface. There is no way to prevent this, as we
are not working in a 100 percent dust free environment. DO NOT BE ALARMED, normal use and regular
cleaning will remove all minor surface dust marks and particles within a few weeks. DO NOT TRY REMOVING

1. Always wipe the surface to remove any excess water, especially if the area is subject to pooling. Do not
use any abrasive cleaners on or near the refinished surfaces. Your new finish is easily cleaned with a mild
liquid cleaner. The only approved cleaners to use are .FANTASTIC, FORMULA 409, LYSOL TUB and TILE., and
.SCRUBBING BUBBLES.. Even if the surface does not appear dirty clean it once a week with any of the above
mentioned cleaners. DO NOT USE SOFT SCRUB, COMET, AJAX or BLEACH

2. Do not use any abrasive scrubbing pads, such as Scotch brite, or any similar pad as this will scratch the
new surface. A cleaning pad designed for cleaning Teflon surfaces works well.

3. The owner and user must maintain faucets and plumbing. Leaky faucets will erode the new finish, causing
it to crack and wear out prematurely. Do not use refinished items for liquid storage or subject the surface to
any dye.

4. Do not drop, drag any objects on the finish, which may cause it to chip, scrape or peel or mar the finish.
Do not use any counter top as a cutting board or cut on it.

5. Do not leave any bottles; spray cans, wet cloths on refinished surfaces for more than 24 hours. (Rust from
shaving lotion cans or dye from labeling may stain surface if allowed to sit for long periods of time).

6. Destruction of the surface may occur by using acid compounds such as drain openers or tile grout
cleaners. All Harsh Chemicals should be kept away from the finish Including hair dyes and nail polish
removers and perfumes. Please keep toys from chipping bathtubs.

7. Use liquid soap or body washes as they rinse easily with water and help prevent bar soap residue. Liquid
soap on any refinished tub and tile is highly recommended. Peeling, Bubbling and/or Damage caused by bar soap
residue will not be covered by this warranty.

8. Owner on all areas requiring protection must maintain caulking. Caulking and/or Grouting applied by us is
not warranted.

9. Damage may occur to any refinished surface when exposed to extreme heat. Please keep hot objects
away from the refinished item.

10. Do not use any bath mats with suction cups. If I install slip resistant surface YOU MUST STILL USE
CAUTION when using the bathtub. The slip resistant surface will only aid to prevent slips and falls and we
are not responsible for any accidents, which may occur.

The Warranty on the refinished item is: (5) Years to the original consumer on Residential Bathtubs, Showers,
Vertical Wall Tile and Kitchen Cabinets, Counter tops, Sinks Vanities, Inlays, Bathtub Modifications, Cultured
Marble and Fiberglass. No Warranty on Kitchen Sinks., Floors, Spas and Chip Repairs. (1) Year for
Commercial and Rentals. The Warranty covers defects in Material and Workmanship. We further warrant your
refinished fixtures will not, on its own, flake, peel or yellow for the time stated. Scratching, deterioration of
the glossy finish or staining over time due to usage, cleaning practices or water conditions will be
considered to be normal wear and tear. This warranty will not apply where the original porcelain has been
removed, the fixture has had to have patchwork, or the surface has rust or corrosion. These fixtures will be
repaired to the best of our ability and it is impossible to prevent against any future corrosion or rust
problems. Movement or flexing resulting in cracks or splits on any surface including fiberglass or grout
lines are not warranted. The Warranty does not cover customer neglect, or for failure to comply with the
care and maintenance listed above. Repairs caused by not complying with the above listed items will be the
responsibility of the customer. Warranty requests must be made in writing and mailed to our office by
regular mail or E-mail. No Repair request will be accepted by telephone. Repairs will be done during normal
business hours. A $75 service fee plus repair cost shall be assessed for services not covered by this
Global Refinishing retains the sole ability to render a final decision when determining if the refinished item is covered by this Warranty. 

Contact us for repairs immediately, delays will void the Warranty, as it will cause the surface to peel or lead to other problems.

Countertop coverage does not include laminate lifting off the substrate or backsplashes separating from
the countertop. Due to the composition of the Stone Finish material, final application pattern may not match
sample exactly.


If customer requests that we provide this Service, a Return Trip Service Charge of $65.00 will apply.

With proper care and maintenance, you should have a beautiful finish for many years to come.


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