Drain Kits

We do this to protect our work and to save you money! Usually replacing a bathtub drain can be risky and expensive.

A common scenario is as follows:
Global Refinishing offers the customer a drop in drain kit for a nominal fee of about $75 .The customer declines and we proceed with the refinishing process making the tub look terrific! The Customer sees a great looking tub which amplifies the fact that the drain is the only thing that doesn’t look new.

The most often customer quote: ” I should have got the drain, It’s Like Shining one Shoe. I have a great looking tub but a horrible looking drain.” Within a few days the customer realizes their mistake and either tries to do it themselves or calls a licensed plumber. Both the home owner and plumber risk damaging the surface now because most drains never come out easy.

Please read below to know what to expect if you do not change your drain during a refinishing process.

Pick up the phone and call a Licensed bonded plumber.

ASK: How much it cost to come out and cut out and install a new bathtub drain and overflow cap?

Chances are the service call alone will be $90 dollars. Now include the labor and parts. Our Recent survey comes in between $150 to $200 dollars for a complete Job (This does not include the repair cost most likely to happen during drain installation.)

As Professional Refinishers we have installed hundreds of drains. When it’s time to refinish a bathtub it’s usually time to install a drain and overflow cap. Sounds easy enough but when you consider that most drains are welded to the pipes with calcium, rust, old putty, plus general decay then what appears to be an easy job can turns into a nightmare. Most drain pulling tools don’t work. This results in plumbers actually sawing them out or beating, cutting and chiseling around your newly refinished surface. Now the surface is at risk from heavy tools and saws, wrenches, etc…

Often times the previous home owners have used caustic drain openers which caused the pipes to become brittle and can easily break with ONE TURN or a little torque on the drain pulling tool. You run the risk of the pipe breaking underneath the bathtub. Fixing a busted drain under a tub will then require tub removal or in the best cases cutting a hole behind the wall to access the pipes! Maybe even crawling underneath the house to reach the pipes on older homes. This could cost Hundreds!$ for sure, possibly thousands if you must remove the tub.

Global Refinishing Eliminates all of these problem by using a Drop in Drain System!

GLUE IN DRAIN – No Sawing or Cutting or Risk Pipe Breaking
Lift & Turn Tub Trim Kit Price: $75.00
Will Not Rust or Corrode. Real Chrome.


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